Stag Trophy Head

The trophy head kitset comes flat in a box. All of the pieces have been laser cut using our machines. The kitset comes with a protective paper on both sides of all pieces, you will need to peel this off before assembling. 


We recommend buying one to assemble for display and keeping extras flat in the box for ease of sale. 

The kitset is laser cut from printed MDF, there are a selection of colours and prints available. 

Stag Trophy Head

  • Small size

    Flat in a 190mm x 200mm x 40mm box

    Approx 280mm tall x 340mm wide x 145mm deep when assembled.


    Medium size

    Flat in a 260mm x 250mm x 50mm box

    Approx 380mm tall x 470mm wide x 200mm deep when assembled.


    Large size

    Flat in a 360mm x 350mm x 60mm box

    Approx 700mm tall x 820mm wide x 330mm deep when assembled.

Made in Wellington, New Zealand

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