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About Us

Abstract Designs

We are a Wellington based business with our Factory in Petone and our shop on Cuba Street. All of our products are designed and made right here in Wellington.

Most of our product is made using a laser cutter machine, but in the past we have done metal spinning, paua, clocks, cutlery, glass and so much more. We have always sold what Chris can make, he is the centre of this whole company! Chris is usually found in Petone doing the hard labour with help from his factory fellas. We have six laser machines running most days to keep up with demand. Jane looks after the shop and wholesale business with her girls on the front line.  

While we only have the one retail location in Cuba Street, we do supply products at a wholesale rate to other stores, galleries and museums around New Zealand. If you are interested in Abstract products, please get in touch. We can set you up with an account to access this specially designed website.

If you'd like to know more about us, send us a message using our 'Contact' page.